Chipper Blades As Mechanical Knives

chipper blades

Mechanics is a field that involves the use of different types of sharp and technically effective tools and accessories like cutters, knives, nuts and bolts, other metallic and non-metallic sources. This vast composition of mechanical objects is necessary to initiate and complete numerous chemical, industrial, and biological applications. Among the many automatic and mechanistic devices, knives and cutters are the prevalent ones in practical use like seen in factories and industries. Chipper blades are a particular kind of sharp cutting knives which are mostly employed against items made out of wooden chunks. These mechanical blades are quality alternatives to the conventional grinders used in various techniques. The main utilization of these blades is in the brushing materials into smaller and thinner pieces. The length and width of the cut wooden portions are dependent on the customized variation implemented by the chipping knives. On the other hand, guillotine cutting sticks are the fine cutters that are specifically used whenever thinner objects are to be diced or cut down to even thinner composition. These types of cutting knives are provided with 8 cutters which offer quality cutting.

Use of Chipper blades

Chipping is a technique that is often used in mechanical field and chipper blades are named after a similar process. These are the knives or cutters which are mostly made out of chromium steel or carbide inlay. The involvement fo about 8% chromium steel in the development of these blades ensure that the resultant product can withstand resistant to air and are effective in excellent hardness.

In order to maintain the sharpness and cutting efficiency, chipper blades are recommended to change the blades after every 25 hours of use. Similarly, sharpening of these cutters is also required annually. These chipping blades when installed in machineries operate at angle of 30 to 45 degrees for imparting a strong cut on the materials.

Use of Guillotine cutting sticks

Guillotine is a heavy duty machine which is equipped with two angled blades to produce cuts on a material under question. Guillotine cutting sticks work on the principle that a blade is positioned above and the other beneath the material to cut. The point at which these blades meet is the spot to create a cut. Objects that are about 5mm thick or less are perfectly cut by the application of cutting sticks installed in the Guillotine.

Guillotine cutting sticks have blades that are cuboid rectangular shapes and are incredibly sharp, quite optimum for challenging and extremely thin materials. The curved blades are slated in such falling position as it creates a resonance energy and concentration that is apt for creating cut on smaller diameter areas.


 Chipper blades are the sharpened knives used in mechanical applications for cutting materials. These blades are recommended to use against wooden-based objects. On the other hand, guillotine cutting sticks are the blades installed in the guillotine machines, ideal for cutting materials ranging from 3-5 mm thickness or less.