Efficiency In Performance By Butt Weld Fittings


One of the major aspects of quality distribution of water in the irrigated fields is through the accurate adaptation of riser use. The irrigation riser pipe is the main component of the whole irrigation assembly complex that connects the upper ground tools with pipes and tubing dumped deep down in the ground for creating a mesh work of pipes. Usually, the material of a pipe riser is metal steel or plastic pipe that is developed to maintain high durability for years. The riser is connected to water supply lines from which water is heated and then it is supplied to lakes streams and fields etc. Butt weld pipes are small structures that are constructed curved in concentric shapes with quite long radius elbow joint to it. The butt weld fittings are important as they are used as additional accessories during construction, manufacturing and transportation. The main role of butt weld in any type of mechanical assembly is that this accessory can change the f=direction of flow.

Irrigation riser pipe

Flow rate and speed of water movement in irrigation system depends upon the size of irrigation riser pipe external hose. This is mostly referred as sprinkling water system. Surveyor and designer addresses and select the right kind of pipe and risers for installation in irrigating system and for watering a particular land of field. Irrigation pipe riser provides extra flexibility in irrigating bays with quality spread in comparison to the conventional channel plants.

Irrigation riser pipe are of different size parameters with detailed specifications invested in it. The smaller hose risers usually suffer and demand for more maintenance cost and less operational rate. These types of risers usually encounters head loss problems and pipes non-functionality, therefore, it is recommended to use wider riser pipe in the system.

Efficiency of butt weld fittings

Other sort of mechanical accessories are butt weld structures which are used in many forms and numbers in complex industrial, metallic and plastic compositions etc. These butt weld fittings are more in option nowadays due to structural advantages over threaded and socket weld fittings. Size efficiency also differ in both cases, where sock welds are available in 4.5 inches while the butt welds are normally present from 0.5 to 72 inches minimal size. Butt weld fittings connections are more versatile and robust in connectivity.

Most easily available material source for butt weld manufacturing are the aluminum alloys, nickel, stainless steel, carbon etc. forming different pipes and tubes for construction applications. There are three main functions of butt weld fittings involving changing directions of flow, branching the structures and join individual pats of structural equipment.


Irrigation riser pipe is the main part of the upper ground parts of irrigation assembly. This is located with hose which provide water coming from water supplies. The butt weld fittings involve the involvement of butt weld product accessories in joining, repairing and production, assembly of different structural parts.