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How To Ace A Badminton Game?

This is a game about how well you are good with reflexes and strategizing. As much as it requires the physical skills, it also requires that mental calculability. Being able to master this, shall definitely help you win a good game with an opponent in a fair and square manner. However, if you are only a beginner, still trying out different things, here are some tips to help you out. 

Using the entire arena

If you have been a part of those primary school badminton lesson, you would know the basics of this sport. It is generally played indoors, on a court which is divided in to two sides with a net that goes through the middle. Smashing the shuttle on the net when it is your serve would lose you points, not hitting it when it is served to you, would also lose you points and serving short too would lose you points. But doing the exact opposite of it all would definitely gain you the much deserved points. While it may seem as nothing too complex, the trick to easily master this game and play like a professional, is to get moving about in the court. Use the entire allocated space, and serve the shuttle smartly. Keep your opponent on his toes as well. This way there is a better chance of winning than simply playing the game in the same exact spot.

Choose the right shoes

Shoes play a huge part in this game, especially when you have got to hold on tight to that grip on the court. You cannot always afford to skid around and serve the shuttle like a volleyball. This will not only be a temporary serve to your opponent, but it would also cost you precious time when trying to get back up, quick and ready to hit back, thus missing the shot and making all that initial effort, a waste. These are little things they may not talk too much about in badminton classes, but they sure are important tips, especially if you want to play a good game. Have you heard of skaters not using new skates even if it is an important game where they want to look simply spectacular? The reason for this is, there is time of getting used to, you need to go through with new shoes. And so, wearing them before an important game would only guarantee you floppy steps and a lot of cuts. This is the same in this sport as well. So be sure to hold on to those ratty old pair of lucky converses, or get new ones months before the big game, so that you can get used to wearing these, beforehand.

Get the right kind of workout

To ace in this game, it is important that you keep fit and balance. Being able to gracefully land on your feet after serving a smash to your opponent is indeed a must. And in order to do so, it is important that you maintain a healthy diet while also working out. Hit the gym, run some laps and may be try out some squats and lunges in your free time. This way you can always keep yourself in check, in a way where your body and its flexibility would be your best assets to win any game.

Follow the above and ace a good game of badminton like a pro!

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