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The Major Benefits Of Staying In A Motel

Well, motels are not getting better publicity at the moment. We all will agree to the fact that motels are getting lots of bad publicity for various reasons. People complain that motels are unclean. You may have also heard that motels are pest-ridden and smelly. The safety of the guests in the hotel is also a concern. We have heard news about motels being the center of lot of criminal activity. We all have heard the story of a motel getting turned into a meth lab. Burglaries and break-ins are also common when it comes to motels. For the same reason, travelers often avoid motels. But you should learn that the motels have many advantages. Travelers should learn more about motels before turning their backs on it.

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear

When it comes to motels, we would like to tell you that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about motels. Sometimes these stories are a figment of imagination and nothing else. But we would like to tell you that not all the stories are untrue. There is some truth to some of those stories. But you shouldn’t generalize, given few stray incidents. We can blame Hollywood suspense thrillers for bringing a bad name for motels in general. As you can see, murders and many other criminal activities happen in these motels in movies and TV shows. You shouldn’t give too much importance to these urban legends since they are not based on facts. When you go on a vacation, motels can be an excellent choice if you wish to save some money. If you plan to stay for a few days, then short term serviced apartment rental in Singapore would be the ideal choice.

The benefits of staying in a motel

First and foremost, motels are comparatively cheaper. Compared to hotel room accommodations, you will be able to save a lot of money when you choose to stay in a motel. For a budget traveler, there aren’t many demands. He simply wants a place to crash at night. And motels can be the ideal place for the same. And you can spend your dollar on other important things instead. If it is a business trip, you can look for corporate apartment rental.

Motels are smaller

Most importantly, motels are comfortable places all thanks to the compact size. You will find the quietness attached to motels. Also, you will get less number of rooms. Most importantly, the staff will be able to provide you a more personalized service as a result. There are plenty of reasons to go for motels. If you are a budget traveler, then you will like the atmosphere of a motel.

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