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Staying In The Market

Creativity isn’t something that is everyone’s cup of tea. The people who are called creative are few and far in number and it is a skill that is hunted for with aggression these days. But once someone does get hold of you, yes you give them the most amazing ideas that makes their income fly through the roof and there is high praise for you being sung by your boss, left, right and center. It all seems like a dream come true and you are living in a bubble of your own. But what happens after this initial fizz dies down?

Dig deep to find a gem
The first few months will run smoothly with you being able to come up with amazing ideas. The next few months you don’t have an instant reply but you are able to scramble up a few decent ideas. For example a portrait photographer will start to dish out pictures of people sitting in similar positions with similar backgrounds.

After this initial phase you start having sleepless nights because of the intensity of the demands. Your client wants exceptional headshot photographer in Hong Kong and you can’t come up with a single innovative concept however hard you try. You are finding it hard to meet deadlines and everyone is waiting for your idea so that they can get to work on it. The pressure can intensify and get to you. The harder you try to rack your brains the further the ideas seem to slip away. So how can you reach out to the depths of your inner creative self and pull out some stunning new concepts.

Stay fresh and motivated
You have to clear your head of all the clutter in it. Do something that relaxes you regularly. And always be surrounded by things and people that motivate you. An unpleasant surrounding and suffocating workplace will be the first nail on the coffin for your creative mind. Motivation can even be in the form of giving yourself a numerical challenge and promising yourself a reward at the end of it, much like how we entice children.

Widen your horizons
If you profession is a very limiting one try to break through and broaden the scopes. Try a blend of something new and old or try to relate something which seems totally unrelated to what you’re working with. Visit places that give you inspiration and make an idea click. Try to develop new skills which will allow you to connect things which earlier seemed impossible.

Because you always have to taste failure to truly savor the richness of success.

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