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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measure

If you are the person who has a nine to five job, there will be plenty of moments where you would thought why you just couldn’t have something much more exciting to do in your life. There might have been plenty of moments when you were seated in your cramped little office cubicle on the chair that hasn’t been replaced in years, where you wished that you were seated anywhere else except in your office. And there might have been plenty of moments as well, where you even thought if something was wrong with you because you were having all these negative thoughts. You would have wondered if it was only you who was feeling so unhappy with the job you were doing, because on the outside all the other people around you doing the same thing as you, seemed quite content with how their life had turned out.

But the reality of it is that nothing was wrong with you. On the inside all of the people who were working alongside you were feeling the same way. It’s just that they had learnt to hide it well. But the problem with a situation like this is that most people can’t hold it in for long. At some point they reach a breaking point, where they start taking rash decisions like quitting their job altogether. And this is when the bosses start to get worried and they start to take some notice, about the level of happiness and contentment that their employees are feeling at their workplace. And it is at time like that they will think about introducing something like rewards and recognition program, where the employees can talk about what. Are all those things that makes them unhappy in the workplace? And what they feel is the right thing to do in order to improve the current situation.

And if the situation seem really bad to the bosses they will even think about adding incentives such as employee benefits Singapore in order to make sure that their employees remain happy and keep their jobs. Because they know they are the ones who will be left hurting if all the unhappy employees decide to quit their jobs. And this is why it becomes really important for them to bring about a change in the system. In the way things are functioning. To make the employees realize that they actually care.

And this is why you should look at this as a continuous work in progress rather than a onetime solution to your problem, because your employees are going to have continuously changing demands.

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